Jun. 21, 2004

Seeing Red

My boyfriend hates my hair. I went to get it highlighted on Saturday morning after I dropped him off at work. Instead of blond highlights I got red ....bright red. I think it looks okay on my dark hair but he has different opinions. I was so upset when I saw the reaction on his face. I guess I'll have to deal with it for 2-3 months until it is time for highlights again.... I wish I felt more confident about how it looks now. He made me feel very self conscious. Whatever, ass.

I took advantage of the semi-annual sale at Bath and Body and Victoria's Secret. I would have bought more at V.S., but due to low funds and being rejected for a credit card only allowed me to purchase a few things.

I was at Obendorf's with Liz Saturday evening. I played bache ball (I was her dad's partner as always). I love that game. I'm so competetive. I just hate losing.

They had karaoke at the Eagle's on Saturday night. We went to that after stopping at the Social Club and Danley's. It was fun at karaoke, but not as fun as the last time they had it. This time I wasn't nearly as drunk; actually, I wasn't drunk at all. Brandon was supposed to come back to the house to 'hit the marijuana pipe', as he called it before when he smoked. He never called though. What a loser. I tried calling him, but he didn't answer. I haven't seen him online the whole day either. I hope he is okay but I am sure that he is just fine. He has tendency to not call when he is supposed to. He just blows people off. One of my pet peeves.

I had a really fun day yesterday. Adam and I took Benji(his grandparent's dog) to my parent's house for Megan's graduation party. The party was cool. I saw a lot of people that I hadn't seen for awhile. Tonight I need to buy Megan a present because I didn't have time to get her one before yesterday. I'm just going to buy her things that she'll need for college. Good ole' Wal Mart. It'll be a great place for what I need to buy her.

Adam and I had a few beers later on that night at the Social Club, and the East Ends. We were home by 9 I think. We called it an early night and watched the movie 'Bowling for Columbine'. It's a really good movie. I wanted to see it when it was in the theaters but never got the chance.

I was well rested when I came to work today....but I still didn't want to get up when the alarm went off. It still sucked and the air conditioner is still broken....was supposed to be fixed today. The office I work in .... god help me.

missdahling at 9:10 p.m.