Mar. 29, 2004

Playing Hooky

I haven't written for a few days and when that happens, well, there is obviously a lot to say. So much to say that I don't really know where to begin actually....

Let me tell you about Thursday night. While I was at work on Thursday, I randomly call Ana at her job. It was completely out of the blue, but we decided to hang out when we both got off. We didn't really do anything; just sat around and visited, but it was still nice since I hadn't seen her or Jeremy for over a month. When you're friends with someone, you usually hang out with them more often then that, but sometimes it's just plain hard to get together since people (myself included) are so busy all of the time.

When I tell Adam not to wake me when he gets home from the bar at 4am, I mean exactly that. So on Thurs. night / Fri. morning when he did wake me up, yes, I was a little irritated but I was not completely mad. I wasn't quite awake yet so I was out of it. You understand how it is but he didn't. He was drunk and grumpy. For a reason that is unknown to me, he got so mad at me. He told me that he was going to sleep in the livingroom. He takes his pillows, cigarrettes and an ash tray with him, leaving me in the bedroom crying. I must have been in there for a few hours.

He finally came back to the bedroom and somehow, he ended up not being mad at each other. We both took a 'sick' day from work and slept the entire day away. It was much needed rest.

It was best to avoid The Social Club, The Edison, and Staff's because my co-workers are prone to go to those places from time to time. We spent some time at the Eagle's and then met Liz and Heather at Stephanie's. Back to the Eagle's for 2 drinks. Finally, I was home.

This girl was up by about 9 am on Saturday morning. Megan got the most beautiful prom dress. I wish I could wear it. It is really great and it is my favorite color (pink).

Liz and I went to OIP that night and then watched 'School of Rock' with Heather. Cute movie, but not exactly what I was expecting.

I was so proud of myself....I cleaned up our room when I got home on Saturday night. I even dried our wet clothes. I know that it had been about a week since they were washed, but still ...

I didn't make it to the Eagle's because I fell asleep, but Adam and I hung out when he got home. We smoked and then had sex. It was fun. Plus, I knew that I didn't have to work Sunday so I wasn't concerned about the time I was getting to bed. It's nice sleeping all day. I love it.

Sunday night was productive too. I went to the parentals house and picked up a storage bin, and some odd things. I finally got nails to hang up my bulletin board and Playboy bunny clock. Looks so cute.

Cherry Vodka and sprite was my drink when I went to the Eagle's last night. I was drunk. I was also high. I was having a blast. Playing the juke box and such. I got home about an hour before Adam came back to the apt. We smoked and hung out. Kind of a low key night as Sundays usually are.

I don't want to fight with him ... I really don't. It must stop. So I will start over. No fighting.

missdahling at 5:56 p.m.