Dec. 09, 2003

Crack Shack - Day 4

Whoa there lovebird, your "Stellar". Your
so in love right now, that your feeling
something out of this world feeling. Cherish
the experience and feelings that come with it
because you'll gain confidence in other
relationships. You have a good heard and
considerate. Be careful though cause good
things may come to an end!

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^Excellent song and I am in love.

Boyfriend is not mad at me anymore. After work last night we went to Laughters to smoke in our lovely crack shack. We had such a good conversation last night. I brought up the other night when he started yelling at me. He apologized and said that he didn't mean any of it. I was like,"Well, the things that you were saying, it made it sound like our relationship was going backwards when I would really like for it to move forward." He hugged me and told me that I meant a lot to him and he really liked me.

We ended up in the bar for a few hours. I didn't drink a whole lot; maybe about 2 beers. I watched Adam play pool with a gay guy in cowboy boots, and a younger guy who puked on the way to the bathroom later on that night. I felt so bad for him though...we've all had nights like that.

I went through two packs of ciggarettes last night between smoking and drinking. God, I don't really remember last night very vividly at all. It's all a haze.

Finally, when Adam was done playing pool, we went upstairs and smoked. We only got a little bit of weed from Chrissy but we smoked 2 bowls (I think). For some reason or another, we decided to go back downstairs to the bar to have another drink. We sat there and the guy who puked bought everyone a round. He also came and put his arms around Adam and I, then placed his hand on my right boob. Adam shot him the meanest look while telling him to get away.

We drank another beer each besides the one that was bought for us. Then we went back upstairs to finish smoking. We weren't even in the room for 10 minutes and he already took my pants off. So, I sat there in my thong and shirt smoking a bowl. Not long after that my shirt came off too.

For awhile, I just layed on the bed while he looked at my ass. Then, he started positioning me in Playboy poses. He was like,"Jenn, seriously, you could model." Their boobs are usually a bigger, but other than that, he said that I have the body. That would be some good money. He goes,"Everyone at my work loves you, and all the guys think you're hot. I am such a lucky guy."

I cannot even begin to describe the sex we had last night. There was lots of going down on each other, TONS of screaming on my part...he even told me to 'shut the fuck up' a couple of times. We fucked for soooo long...he didn't even finish. We were too tired. I looked at the clock and it was 6 fucking am. Then, I looked at Adam and his hair was absolutly drenched from sweating. I mean, his hair was sopping wet.

Today I my body sort of aches. My knees have brush burn and my inner thighs feel weak. I am dead to the world, but it was lotsa fun last night so I can't complain too much. Heh. I will see him in 1/2 hour. That makes me very happy.

"How do you do it, make me feel like I do

How do you do it, its better than I ever knew"

missdahling at 8:14 p.m.