Feb. 02, 2004

"Gimme the God Damn Blunt"

I had the usual Friday night this past weekend. It is basically routine to go to Danley's. It's fun though. I don't mind it at all. I had some beer and some shots. I wasn't feeling well though. Some nights I can drink and other nights I can't. For some odd reason, Vince and Hue came to Danley's and had a beer. After mysteriously disappearing, Adam and I decided 'screw them' and went to the Rescue's for drinks.

Vince called and invited us to his house to smoke. I have never seen Vince that fucked up in my life. He was all coked up and bouncing off the walls. He is also hooking up with a girl named Megan whom I cannot stand. Vince was on the phone with her while everyone else was waiting to smoke. Hue gets about 2 inches from his face and yells,"Gimme the blunt !!! GIMME THE GOD DAMN BLUNT !!!" It was the funniest thing .... I laughed forever.

I had the privelege of spending the night at Adam's. We had sex, then slept until morning. I always liked laying with him. It's so nice having someone who cares about me as much as I care about them.

Just like last weekend, Liz and I went to Stefanie's on saturday night. We went a little earlier this time because they were having a band at 10. We split chicken fingers and I had two margarita's. They were really good. Mixed up just right.

Later that night Heather came to Liz's after she got off work and we watched a movie. I forget the title of it but Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz were in it. There wasn't much of a plot, but it was better than some movies we have picked out.

I left when the movie was over. I smoked a bowl, then ended up at the Eagle's until 5am. I was a little annoyed but tried not to let it show. It wasn't that big of a deal. Not a big enough deal to make an issue out of. He apologized too. I really do love him.

So, the Superbowl was last night. I don't care about the game. I never did. I went to Liz's to watch the game anyway. I was thinking about going to the East Ends with Adam, but decided against it for basically three reasons :

1. It cost $20.00 to get in and I didn't want to make him pay for me, if I was only going to eat and drink a little bit.

2. I woke up in a horrible mood and there were tons of people there. I just didn't want to be around a lot of people.

3. He would have ended up neglecting me because he played cards and gambled which I packed because he didn't feel the whole time.

I had a nice time at Liz's. It was just her immediate family, Heather and her dad's friend Steve. The game was boring, but I had fun talking with everyone and eating food.

When the game was over, I met up with Adam. We went to the Eagle's for a beer. Jeremy was working and thank god he wasn't arguing about politics like he was the night before. He gave the bar a round of shots when the Patriots won.

Check points really suck. We had to go all the way around to get to Vince's in Norry. It wasn't very convenient, but it was better than getting a DUI. Noone at Vince's smoked with Adam and I. They were smoked out I suppose. We didn't stay too long because of it.

Luckily as we were leaving, Liz told us that there was not a check point on the island, so we took the quicker way home. It was funny because Liz called me and asked what I was doing. When I told her that I was at Vince's, she was like,"I'm going to Chris'". We just found out the other day that Vince lives on the other side of Chris' house.

Anyway, we had a safe drive to Danley's. We didn't have that much to drink but I was a little drunk and stoned from smoking at Vince's. Before we left, Adam made me take a shot for the road.

We went to the Day's Inn. The room was actually heated this time! I was excited. We smoked two more bowls, like it. Usually I am the lazy one.

It was warm in the room when we first got there, but after we had sex, he got hot and turned the fucking air on. I passed out shortly after we were done having sex, but I guess he was up until around 5. Surprisingly he wasn't that tired when we woke up this morning. Neither am I.

Did you know that the day after the Superbowl is one of the most common days for people to call off work?

missdahling at 6:41 p.m.