Jan. 01, 2004

Livin' In the Year 2004

It's the New Year...I wonder how long it will take me to remember to date everything as 2004.

My night turned out to be pretty good last night. Adam and I ended up meeting at the Eagles around 11. I smoked a bowl on the way into town. The Eagles was pretty cool last night. They had a band and the place was packed. I drank rum and cokes the whole night. I didn't even have a sip of beer. I was so drunk. I haven't been that drunk in awhile. Walking was a challenge for me.

When the clock struck midnight, they let down these balloons that had been in nets hanging from the ceiling. Adam had gone to get us more drinks about a minute before midnight, but came back over to me and said,"It's almost midnight!!! We have to makeout!" The band played that song that you always hear around New Year's, the balloons were released and I was kissing my boyfriend. I was so happy.

Then, after the balloons were released, everyone was popping them because they had pieces of paper inside of them. Most of the pieces read 'Merry Christmas and a happy new year', but if you were lucky, you got ones that were for a free drink. We didn't get so lucky, but I was having a damn good time popping those balloons.

I'm not sure how long we stayed at the Eagles until we went to the East Ends. I can't believe I made it to the East Ends. I do not remember driving there.

We ran into Adam's Aunt and Uncle. His aunt was like,"I called in for technical support at your work the other day and I talked to you!" Luckily I was nice to her. That's unusual for me.

We also saw Sam (who we sometimes hang out with at Danley's). I couldn't remember what I said to him for the life of me.

I was fucked up, but not too fucked up to smoke. Adam's dad was bartending so we used his basement. Liz called while we were there, so I talked to her, Justin, and Dan. What we talked about is a blur. I'm sure it was ridiculous and hilarious though. All I can recall is Dan saying 'Remember that time....'

Driving back to Adam's house is a blur too. I'm so glad that he was driving and not me. We ate shrimp when we got home. It tasted so good. Adam goes,'You really like to eat when you get fucked up!' I do too.

Adam's grandparent's said that I was allowed to stay over last night. Thank god too because I was not in any shape to drive home. It was so nice having sex and then not having to leave right away. I really missed sleeping next to Adam.

BTW, last night, Adam kept apologizing for two night ago when he was pissed off about that song. He told me to slap him whenever he gets drunk and does shit like that. He even made me slap him across the face. I didn't slap him hard though. I said that when he does that, it's just a flaw of his and we all have flaws. Noone is perfect.

I can honestly say that last night was the best New Year's eve that I've ever had. Make way for 2004!

~ ~ Happy New Year !!! ~ ~

missdahling at 12:00 p.m.