Feb. 04, 2004

Drag Queens

Despite my depressed mood I was in yesterday, I actually had a nice night. I was feeling good after I Adam and I left Vince and Hue's.

I was still feeling good when we got to Danley's. It was an interesting night. Some loser tried to bum a cigarette off of Adam and I. This flamingly gay man, about age 30, gets in the losers face and starts waving his hands around and saying things like,"You don't disrespect these people!! These people have class and you don't!! Leave them alone !! Mommy's back!!"

Speaking on my behalf and not Adam's, I was completly confused because basically out of nowhere, this gay, middle aged man had our backs. He also bought us a lot of drinks. He told us that he was a drag queen; his boyfriend was 23 and a football player/model. They supposedly own five different houses. Liar. He is also a drag queen, but I believe that.

Of all the people to meet, it had to be the flamingly gay, pathological liar, drag queen named Frankie. Je-sus!

I was glad when we got to the Rescue's. I don't know how much longer I could listen to stories about his gay sexual experiences.

So, a couple shots and about 2 beers later, we visited Davey at the Rescue's. I like going to the Rescue's because I can drink creamsicles there. Davey makes them the best.

The Rescue's was hilarious. Harry, Elmer, Roland and some other lady came down after they closed Danley's.

Elmer was so ridiculous. It was his birthday and he was celebrating. He yelled that I had nice tits across the whole bar. What could I do but laugh?

Whtt a crew...lemme tell ya.

For some reason or another, we went back to Vince's and smoked more. I don't know why, but it was fun.

I stayed over at Adam's. I pet Benji and asked if his real name was Benjamin. Of course he didn't answer me because he is a dog.

It felt good to lay down. Winding down at the end of the night is always one of my favorite times because Adam and I get some time to talk. I guess he was concerned about me when I was talking to him on the phone yesterday. He wanted me to know that I could talk to him about anything. He doesn't want me to be sad.

What would I do if I could never have sex with Adam again? I just love having sex with him. I like when he talks to me...when he said,"Fuck me baby; fuck me slow." I always want to speed things up, but he sometimes likes it slow. I like having him deep inside me. I like being fucked hard. He moaned and scratched his nails up and down my back when I gave him head. I blew him until he came. When it was over, I asked how it was. He smiled and told me it was great.

We both needed a glass of water, but I think we fell asleep before making it back downstairs. I <3 waking up next to him in the morning.

missdahling at 6:29 p.m.