Jul. 27, 2003

Smoke Two Joints

Family reunions are such a bore. My dad's reunion was today. Megan and I ate and then left immediately. I didn't want to stick around any longer.

For not getting much sleep this weekend, I am fairly energetic. My day was packed yesterday. I got the tags changed on my car and went to Wendy's to eat with my dad while the dealership was taking care of everything.

I was planning on taking a nap when I got home, but layed by the pool instead. That was followed by Sex & the City. I still have two more tapes to watch. I'll have to do that this afternoon because they're due back tomorrow.

DInner was really nice last night. Val, Brandon, Matt and I went out. I love hanging out with them, but hardly ever get to. Everyone's schedules are always conflicting. They're the kind of people who I feel naturally comfortable with and enjoy their company.

I also met 2 new people last night. Liz and I went to Heather's grandparent's house and roasted marshmallows. Thats where I met my new friends. Honestly I forget their names, but they were cool. It started raining while we were sitting outside, so Liz, Heather, Boy 1 and Boy 2 went to one of the Boy's house and smoked.

It was Boy 1's first time smoking in awhile. He was very fucked up; as were the rest of us, but not as bad as him. It was also his first time smoking two joints in a row. My comment was,"Next we'll work on three!" This made everyone else crack up. We laughed for what seemed like hours. I mean, who has never smoked two joints in a row???

We didn't stay at his house for all that long. Liz was tired and hungry, and I wanted to get to Adam's.

I felt bad because I was late arriving to meet him and he'd been waiting for me for 30 minutes.

"Typical women fashion! Late!" is what he said to me when I got there. LoL. He wasn't mad though.

We got back to his house and watched a little tv, did a little somethin' else. Ya know what I'm talking 'bout. ;-)

I feel bad because I didn't say goodbye to him when I left this morning. I just didn't want to wake him. Sundays are his only day off work so I thought he deserved to sleep. I guess I was just being thoughtful.

So, that was exciting Saturday night/Sunday morning. Peace out.

missdahling at 2:02 p.m.