Aug. 10, 2003


I'm upset right now. Adam text msg'ed me last night asking of I could give him a ride home tonight. He asks me this after I have not talked to him since Monday night/ early Tuesday morning. That is not right.

I said,"it's kind of dumb for me to drive all the way to pick you up and then all the way back for no apparent reason."

He repsonded by saying,"I just thought you'd want to see me."

I go,"I do, but not just to give you a ride somewhere."

This is his direct quote,"quit being asshole about this; acting like I was using you for a fucking ride."

Well, excuse me! That's what it sounded like to me. Does it sound like that to anyone else? He doesn't call me for almost a week, and then all of a sudden, he asks if I'd drive 25 minutes to take him somewhere.

Who knows if this is the end or not. I don't know whether to call him this afternoon or what.

For the most part I had fun last night. Liz and I went to my sister's friend Vince's house. We smoked with Scott, and Sean. Megan told me that she heard there was this girl who Adam hangs out with all the time. Noone knows whether or not they're more than friends. Who knows. I just feel like I've been wasting my time.

I'm so confused right now and really hurt that he would say those things to me. He almost never talked to me like that.

missdahling at 11:52 a.m.