Jul. 5, 2003

Bachee @ Obendorf's

Yesterday after I got off work at 12, Liz and I went to Obendorf's house. We were there from around 1pm-10:30pm. I spent the whole day in the sun, by the pool, and playing bachee ball. Might I add that her dad and I (we were bachee partners) were the champions, beating everyone else 6 games out of 7. Yippee!!!

Much food was aten. Soo good.

I thought I would have gotten more of a tan for being out that long, but I am not very dark. I don't tan very well.

I miss Adam so much. I have not seen him since Tues. night. He tried getting ahold of me numerous times, but I had no reception at my house. God, I want to see him so bad. I need to see him.

I should get ready to go out now. Liz and I are getting a movie, then I am going to Megan's b-day party. THEN, maybe to see Adam if he calls? I hope!

missdahling at 7:14 pm