Apr. 06, 2003

Weekend Update

Weekend update:

Friday: Psych class will be interesting tomorrow. In class on Fri., we told everyone the results of our personality tests that each of us took. We raised our hands pertaining to the answers we chose. Tomorrow we are going to do an activity that involves the answers. my prof. promises it to be fun.

On Fri. night, after a whole afternoon of babysitting, Liz and I went to the movies, since she didn't have to work. "What a Girl Wants" is actually a really cute movie. It is geared toward a younger crowd, as we could tell my all the little girls in the theater, but nonetheless, it was a decent film.

We got pizza after that, and sat around, hanging out, etc...

Saturday: Not much to tell, I worked, came home, and went to sleep....missing all five of Kevin's calls. We were supposed to hang out , so that he can "personally thank me" for the pic that I sent him.

It pissed me off too...sex w/ im is usually so good. He def. knows what he's doing.

Today: Work, home, then probably nothing...

So, that is my weekend. Hopefully later this week, I can visit Kevin. We have been trying to hang out for awhile now.

missdahling at 2:36 p.m.