Apr. 25, 2003

Missing the Past

Just got home from Liz's house about 30 minutes ago. We went tanning tonight.

This summer, I really hope I can go to the beach like last year. Pam said that she would go, so who knows. If so, that would be excellent. I need something to look forward to this year.

Last summer, I actually spent a lot of time at 'his' house. I would go over at least once a week. He would also call me a couple times a week just to say hi. I really miss spending time with him like that.

From about last March (2002), to this past August (2002), we would hang out quite often. Then, this past Sept. when school started for him, everything changed. He stopped calling me, and now we only hang out about once a month. I don't know what went wrong....

I'm beginning to think that this relationship will never work out.

I need to find someone new.

missdahling at 12:37 a.m.