Jun. 13, 2003

Sip Bacardi like it's your birthday

I had such a fun day yesterday. It was Liz's birthday, so we wanted to make it extra special. After class I met Liz and Ana at Liz's place, and we (I) drove to Chi-Chi's. Neither one of us had been there before, but we liked it. It was something different. Our waitress was so nice too. She was really friendly and helpful.

The movie we went to see; "Wrong Turn", wasn't all that bad. It was a decent film. A teenage horror type movie. You know the kind. There was a very annoying girl who was sitting directly in front of us who would scream at every little action that was taking place in the movie. Whatever though, she was making Liz and I laugh.

When we went back to Liz's, we broke out the bottle of Bacadi-O. Ana didn't drink, but Liz and I took straight shots of that shit. I was feeling pretty good. Of course we made our drunken phone calls. That's always fun.

The highlight of my night was when Adam called me. He called early, around 11. That is when I stopped taking shots so that I would be sober enough to drive to his house at 1:15am.

A little later we picked up Terrance at his house and he came over. Shortly after, Heather arrived.

It was cool just chillin' and talking with everyone.

When it was time to go to Adam's, I was def. still feelng that alcohol. I played it cool though. Luckily I made it to Bloom without getting in an accident or getting pulled over.

The plan was that I was supposed to meet him at 1:15-1:30. I got there right on time, and he was nowhere to be found. The doors weren't unlocked like he said they would be either. So, being the social butterfly that I am, I went to the neighbors.

A bunch of guys were hanging out there. One gave me a beer, I just talked with them for awhile. One of the guys is friends with Adam, so he took me across the street to his house. This time, the door was unlocked. There was Adam, in his bed. Cutest sight ever!

We said goodbye to the neighbor.

I went to climb into bed with Adam but he stops me and says,"wait. there is a rule before you get into bed. You have to be naked first."


I was hesitant at first b/c I have my period. I only hesitated for a second though. He took my shirt off (a white halter top) as I took my jeans off.

We wanted each other so bad. I was still drunk, so I don't really remember everything that happened. We started having sex and it felt wonderful. I like sex when I'm on my period (not that I don't like it any other time). He told me that instead of yelling (I am so loud during sex; I always scream), I should bite him. He tried to keep me quiet, always reminding me to keep it down b/c his roommates were sleeping. I didn't care.

He is vocal, but not loud. He always tells me how good it feels. last night he said,"I wanna fuck you. I wanna fuck you really bad." I am so glad that I can please him. I love hearing him tell me things like that.

He finished in my mouth. I thought it might be disgusting because I had my period, but it was all good. I heard that when you have sex, it stops the blood flow temporarily. so it was all good.

We also had sex a second time last night. I was asleep/passed out and he woke me up. I really like getting woke up like that. Such a great thing. We basically went at it with me on the top the whole time. He finished with me on top.

I'm not going to be able to see him for awhile. this weekend I am going away to visit my relatives. I am going to miss him. I always miss him when I don't see him for awhile and being away from home will make it even worse I think.

missdahling at 3:00 p.m.