Mar. 08, 2003


I hung out with Terrence last night for the first time since the beginning of August!!! His new apartment is way better than the old one.

Liz doent smoke anymore, so Terrence and I smoked a bowl together, then someone started passing a blunt around, so I smoked that too.

I feel sort of bad. I think Ana got pissed off at me last night. Apparently, her and Liz got in a fight. Liz asked me to call her and talk to her. Well, I made fun of her other friends, her boyfriend, and god knows what else I said to her. I will make a note to call her tonight and apologize.

Speaking of calls, K did not call me last night, but 'he' did. I was so happy to hear from him. I asked if it were him the other night on the computer talking to me on K's name and he said no. so, I guess it actually was K.

I have news that I can't write about just yet in case certain people read this. You know how quickly news travels. let's just say that certain people's lives are going to be changing drastically within the near future.

An hour of work and I can go home...

missdahling at 6:26 p.m.