May. 19, 2003

Weekend Outings

Back to work today. The weekend was nice. I worked Sat. from 10:00-7:00. Went home, got a shower, then spent the night at Alyssa's. We watched a movie, then went to sleep. I was soo less than pleased when she woke me up at 8 am to feed her horse. But whatever, I left arounf 9am on Sunday morning, then napped when I got home.

On Sunday afternoone Liz and I went to Knoebel's (the amusement park). There, we ate pizza and dip n dots. That was our main purpose for going there.

I actually got some exercise yesterday! I walked around my block with my mom and Madison. I should start doing that every morning before work. I need to get in shape.

I went looking for cars with my dad yesterday. All the cars I liked were stick shift. I really want to learn how to drive stick. I'm hoping that if I find a car that I love, I will just buy it and my dad can teach me how to drive it. As for now, I will keep looking.

Boys still suck. This whole thing with 'him' is still really bothering me. I could never talk to him again. Unless he decides to call or get internet access. Not talking to him for the rest of my life... that is a thought that completely depresses me.

I'd really like to have a boyfriend.

missdahling at 5:35 p.m.