Jun. 02, 2003

I want Him back Home

I was all sorts of fucked up last night. Adam and I started out drinking. We each had a 40 (Hurricane). I was about half way done with mine, on my way to being drunk. I was feeling it, but not totally trashed or anything like that. Well anyway, we then decide that it is time to smoke. We smoked only one bowl and let me tell you, this was good stuff. So good, that I hardly remember what I was doing. Apparently I was acting like a moron because Adam got annoyed and didn't want to talk to me. I think that's what we were fighting about. All I remember is getting upset and I actually cried. It was ridiculous.

All in all, I had fun (I usually do when I'm with him). We watched my favorite movie, "Pretty Woman". It must have been a special version b/c there was scenes that I had never saw b4. Very exciting.

my pants were off and all I was wearing was my thong and shirt. He put his hand on my hip, and said,"Let me see your ass."

I was like,"Right now??!?!?", with a shocked expression on my face. I dunno, I was fucked up.

He said,"yeah, I wanna see it."

So, I stood up on the bed and showed him.

He looked at it and goes,"You have a great ass!"

I'm glad that he thinks so b/c personally, I think I need some toning done.

Because he was mad at me, or annoyed, whatever, I thought he wasn't even going to have sex with me. I kept asking if he was going to sleep. He was like,"I don't know, maybe."

I'm not sure who initiated it, or how it came about, but we did end up having sex. Not as good as the other night. We started out with me on top. Then, me on the bottom. We finished doggy-style. He ejaculated all over my back, and then wiped me off with his t-shirt. He had never came on my before. I liked it though.

Today he was going to try and get his old job back. If he gets it, he will be moving to his dad's house. He said,"If I move back, we can hang out all the time. We'll be like, 10 minutes away from each other." So I am really hoping that he moves home for the summer. It will be nice because he is still planning on paying his rent at his house in Bloom. So we could go there and party and whatnot.

I have been in such a good mood lately. Everyone can tell due to my info in IM. People have been commenting on it. I love it!

missdahling at 4:54 p.m.