May. 11, 2003

Happy Mother's Day

Pam and I went to the chorus concert lasat night at our good ol' high school. Seeing those girls on stage brought back memories of when I was a member of the chorus. Honestly, I kind of miss it, but am sooo glad to be out of high school.

When the concert was over, Pam, her sister and I went to Applebee's. Why can't I be 21 so that I can jsut sit down and order a drink!?? We discussed the beach and we are both very excited about going. I am going to try to get into the bars there. Hopefully I can manage it.

Oh! Good news! My prof. emailed me my grade for Human Services. I got an A!!! That means that I accomplished my goal that I had set at the beginning of the semester. A's in both classes. Do I rule or what?!

Anyways, today is mother's day. I am going to give my mom her mother's day present when I get home from work. Seeing that I am stuck here until 7pm.

missdahling at 10:38 a.m.