Dec. 28, 2002

Christmas '02

What up? How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was actually pretty fun. I got some cool gifts; a new phone, cappuccino machine, comforter for my bed, small stereo for the bathroom... all gifts that I like.

Usually, I receive pointless presents that sit around my room and never get used. Not this year! Luckily, I like and will use everything. That makes me a happy girl.

Everyone was snowed in on Christmas day. The roads were horrible and noone could go anywhere. I ate dinner (prepared by my mom) at my house with my family and neighbors. Fun times.

I just got home from phillie last night. My family and I went down to visit my grandpa and aunt, uncle, and cousins. Not too exciting. Ate good food, exchanged gifts...thats about it. Can you believe that I went to Old Navy and did not buy a single thing!!? I wanted to buy something. It makes me mad.

So, here i am at work once again....Tonight is my work's x-mas party, which I will not be attending. Everyone will be getting wasted without me. Instead, I will be at the annual family gift exchange. yippee

missdahling at 2:04 p.m.