Jan. 26, 2003

Secret Screennames

Here I am at work. I am supposed to be doing homework, but I'm taking a break. I have psychology reports to write which are due on Wed. I need to get them done.

I bought my books after class on Fri. 2 books cost 155.00. That is really ridiculous. My psych book was 100, and human service book was 55. I actually read the chapters too. It wont be like my psych class at bloom where my professer said to me,'why does it look like you have never even opened this book?' hahaha

I hit my all time low last night in terms of drunk dialing. I called my work! I left a voice mail and said,'uh, hey guys....its jenn...um, i work here.' lol cant believe i did that.

Liz and I went to Anas apartment last night. It was fun. Ana and I were supposed to split a 40, however, I ended up drinking the whole thing. We smoked too, which was nice. I didnt get sick like the last time I smoked. It was a fun time at Anas, but Liz and i had fun after we left....

We get back to Liz's house, put our pizza in the oven (we were both starved); then decide to get on the computer. Let's just say that we made a hilarious screenname and were harrassing people on it. It was the funniest thing ever!

Eventually we both ended up passing out while we were watching a movie.

The superbowl is today. Do i care? hell no.

Last year, I went to Liz's dad's friend, steve's house. The night before I went to a party at 'his' house. That is the same night that I ended up in the bathroom with K. I then, hooked up with 'him'. That is so scandelous. I started a controversy between the 2. An unspoken controvery because theyve never talked about it to one another. They just basically stopped talking to each other all togther. I cant believe I did that. Wait a minute, yes I can. I just cant believe that was a yr ago already. Such a fun night though.

Well, enough reminiscing. Im gonna try to get some work done.

missdahling at 5:17 p.m.