Dec. 22, 2002

3 Days Until X-Mas

3 days until Christmas!! I cannot wait! god, im just like a little kid.

Last night my sister and I got my parents a gift certificate for a nice restaurant.

Christmas, then New Years. I still dont know what I'm doing. Most likely, Ill get really trashed. Wouldnt it be nice to have a date for New Years...thats never happened to me. I have never had the experience of kissing someone (that I like) at midnight. I'd really like this New Year's Eve to have some significance. Will that happen? I doubt it. ::sigh::

Once again, this year has gone by so quickly. All in all, its been a good year. I had alot of fun. Especially over the summer. Mostly my fun had to do with 'him'....why is it that every time I write something in this diary, the topic always reverts back to that topic?

Maybe I should make my New Years resolution to get over him and find someone new.

There are alot of resolutions that would be good for me to work on.

missdahling at 4:24 p.m.