Nov. 09, 2002

I Want To Feel Loved

Yeah, I get this call at work today from a customer who needed to put the internet connection on his laptop. I asked him for his phone number so that I could bring up his customer account. He then said to me,"Well, whats your phone number? ;)" How pathetic are people? If you are calling somewhere for technical support, do not hit on the technician. It is usually not appreciated.

Over the summer, one of our customer's somehow found out my work email address. He kept emailing me, asking me to go places with him. He'd wanna go to amusement parks w/ me. He even asked me to go rock climbing with him! Hell no!!! Enclosed in one of his freaky emails, he sent a picture. Um....not someone I would date. Definitely not. At any rate, I went to the beach and had off work for a week. Seems like in that week, he decided to stop emailing me for some reason or another. Maybe it was because I never wrote back.

I left a voice mail on Kevin's cell phone about 2 hours ago. He called me a couple times last night, but I didnt hear my phone ringing. Hopefully he calls back at some point. I still dont know where all this is going with him. In the end, Im probably just wasting my time. It's a nice distraction though. Someone new (kinda new) to focus on instead of the regular guy(s) who I've been revolving my world around. I wish someone would make me the center of THEIR universe.

missdahling at 5:38 p.m.