Dec. 17, 2002

Questioning Morals

A different quiz, what strange type of person are you?

brought to you by QuizillaCheap! Some may call you nasty names, but you know better! After all, if you were a guy, you'd be a stud. You're ready to love a manner of speaking *wink*

Big freakin' surprise, right? Like noone has ever called me that before! riight. ok, so maybe I make some mistakes, big deal. People need to stop being so judgemental. Im actually a really nice girl.

Anyway, I went to the mall today. I am finished shopping for Liz and Ana. At least I have that outta the way. I have 20.00 more to spend on myself (the money that my mom gave me), which will be no problem. Actually, I bought myself 2 pair of socks and a really cute hat from American Eagle. just had to have it, ya know?

Tomorrow I'll go to the mall again and get the rest of my shopping done...I hope.

oh yeah, Goals 1.a and b, 6, and 7 are complete.

missdahling at 7:19 p.m.