Dec. 18, 2002

Making 'him' Jealous

Sitting here at work is making me so sleepy. Or maybe its because I stayed up last night to watch a tv show about the 80's last night.

Now, I was born in 1983, so I really dont remember too much about the decade, but I get the jist of it.

For the most part, I enjoyed my childhood. Now, if things could be that simple again...

Liz thinks that I should stop talking to 'him', and maybe he will realize that he's lost a good thing and come crawling back to me. I still want to devise a plan to get with the roommate, Erik. It's going to be hard. He is such a nice guy, I dont know if he would go behind his best friend's back like that. It worth a shot i guess. I dont have much to lose. Perhaps if I get with Erik, it'll also make 'him' decide that he needs me. I can hope, right?

"he" really hurt me the other night. I hated hearing him say that he didnt want a relationship. It also hurt so much because I know that he likes and cares about me. Why do things have to be like this? It makes me wanna cry. It honestly does.

Am i the only one who has these problems? Am I the only girl who gets used by guys? Input please.

missdahling at 6:16 p.m.