Jan. 05, 2003

New Year- New Computer .. Soon

I saw a really good movie last night. Matt, his wife Gwen, 2 of their friends, and I went to see 'Catch Me If You Can'. I absolutely luved it! It was such a great film. A true story too.

Of course the movie had some faults. Unrealistic things like, when he escaped from the FBI through the airplane toilet and came out perfectly clean, no cuts, bruises, etc. Oh yeah, and the awful fake New York and Boston accents. Other than those flaws, as well as a few minor other ones, great movie. I recommend it.

My new computer from Dell is supposed to come tomorrow. Hopefully they ship it on time.

This new computer (winxp) will be very useful since my classes start in 2 weeks. Plus, I get free internet access due to the fact that I work at a provider. At least I wont have that extra cost each month.

My little sister Madison is having her birthday party at this very minute. She turned 5 yrs old on Dec. 31st.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is in 8 days. I will be 20 yrs. old. The big 2-0. Once I turn 21, I dont wanna get any older. In 10 years, I will be 30. Depressing, isnt it?

missdahling at 3:45 p.m.