Jan. 04, 2003

Friends know You Better Than You Know Yourself

This is my first entry in the year 2003.

Not too much has been happening since I have written last.

My New year's wasnt very exciting. Liz, Ana, Dan and I played cards, which i totally suck at! Big Deal. No offense to them, but I could have found better ways to spend my New year's.

Work is a bitch. I fucking hate our customer's. We have been REALLY busy lately. Hopefully its due to the holidays and people getting new computers. If things dont slow down, I will not be able to deal.

The stomach flu is going around!!! Those of you who know me, also know about my phobia on this subject. For as long as I can remember, I've always hated throwing up.

At church one yr, this boy in my Sunday school class threw up in the waste basket next to me. Well, I didnt eat for 2 weeks in fear that I would catch the flu!!

I just pray to God that I am immune to the stomach flu this year.

Earlier today I talked to Taryn. I love talking to her because we share the same views on boys. We came to the conclusion that the boys we like are selfish, and shady among other things. We both need to get over certain people. This wont happen for me because Im already in this black whole with 'him'. How long has this been going on? For about 2 and 1/2 yrs i think. Sad, isnt it?

I care about him so much. Over the summer, his friend Erik said to me,'Jenn, I think youre an awsome girl. I also think its ashame that you come here to see that asshole.'

I didnt even know what to say. Those words came from his best friend. I mean, who knows u better than your best friends, right?

I cant help it, but I want Erik! Is that wrong for me to want his best friend? Not that it matters, Ive already been with Kevin, who is also his friend.

missdahling at 3:25 p.m.