Wednesday, Mar. 06, 2013


Oh my goodness... I suddenly remembered I had this diary. This is crazy reminiscing, reading about my past.

Here's life now (shortened version, obviously)...

I have two daughters; Olivia (age 5) and Audrina (age 3). Olivia is very reserved. Hesitant of new things, has to get to know people before she trusts them, etc. She is very intelligent, beautiful, and isn't afraid of standing up for herself. She is also a little diva and wise beyond her years.

ha! Audrina... Complete opposite of Liv. This is my wild child. She is outgoing, loves trying new things. Does anything to get a laugh. She is caring, and has such a good heart. However, she is sensitive. And indecisive when making decisions. It takes her awhile until she decides what she wants. I have to laugh about it.

I am no longer with Adam. We split up last march after being together for 8 years. For those who really know me, this was not a surprise. And deep down, I knew it was bound to happen too. I guess you could say we are still friends. We get along better now than we did when we were together. I'm not dating anyone at the moment although I am seeing people here and there. When people ask if I'm seeing anyone, my reply is always the same,"no one special.." Men-a topic for another time.

Work and my girls are how I spend the majority of my time. I can honestly say I enjoy my job. I've been working at a bank since last May. My favorite part about my job is the customers. I've learned that I am a people person.

On the weekends I normally chill with friends at night and chill with the kids during the day. But that will change soon because Adam will have them all weekend. I'm afraid I will be so bored without the kids. You should never take time spent for granted.

Well peace out. It felt so good writing again, you have no idea. Until next time.....

missdahling at 10:16 pm