Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2009


I have a little less than three weeks until my due date (May 19th). I'm tired of being pregnant therefore I have been a miserable bitch most of the time. The heatwave we had over the weekend didn't help matters. My feet were so swollen from the heat plus I did a lot of cleaning.

Since I last updated, Adam, Olivia and I moved into a new house. We are renting a three bedroom half a double in a really nice neighborhood. We have a huge fenced in yard, two bathrooms; one upstairs, one down, a small laundry room on the first floor, etc. It is perfect for us. Our landlords are very nice people too.

My parents and Adam painted the room that will be the new baby's. I chose sort of a slate blue / gray color for the base, then on top of that my mom did the spongy effect in yellow. It looks really nice with the bedding I chose. We had to go neutral because no, I still don't know the sex of the baby.

The crib and changing table are set up but we have yet to buy a dresser so all the clothes I have washed are sitting in totes. I do have a lot done, but there is so much more and not a lot of time left. I need to clean up the infant carseats, baby swings, go through and wash more baby clothes, sterilize bottles, etc. Not to mention I need to pack my overnight bag for the hospital. I will do that this weekend.

Sometimes I go into the new babies room and just look around in disbelief that in just a few weeks a little one will be in there. It still almost doesn't seem real to me.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been cleaning my house A LOT lately because if I go into labor I want my house to be spotless. Just one less thing to worry about.

I'm still working. I plan on working right up until I deliver. We've been paying ahead on bills so that I am able to take my full twelve weeks of maternity leave. I have some paid time off that I can use, but we want to make sure we are ahead so that we don't fall behind. I think we will be okay.

I am tired. Going to bed now.

missdahling at 11:23 pm