Wednesday, Feb. 04, 2009


I finally have a moment to write something!

25 weeks pregnant now...and it seems like I'm gaining a whole bunch of weight all of a sudden even though people tell me that I do not really look pregnant yet. I am showing but only slightly, with a small bump. I have gained 18 pounds though so I don't know how it isn't evident to people other than Adam and I and people whom I see everyday. I.E. coworkers.

On Saturday night Adam and I spent the evening in a hotel room while my mom and dad enjoyed watching Olivia. We just needed a break and some time to ourselves. We have been stressed out lately. We had one of the best meals I've eaten in a long time. I was so full after forcing down peanut butter cheesecake that I could barely walk out of the place without Adam's help.

Once our food settled, we went to Target and a few other stores. At Target, I my first two pairs of maternity pants. However, I am short, only five foot 1 so my mom has to hem both pairs. My regular jeans are so tight it is becoming difficult to button them. I have been living in sweat pants lately because that is what is most comfortable to me.

We looked around Bed Bath and Beyond, trying to get ideas of some things we could use for our new place. We are looking for a new place pronto. We have until the beginning of May (I am due May 19th) to find a place with 3 bedrooms that will accomadate Adam, myself, Olivia and the new baby (him or her, whatever it will be). By the way, I've had 3 ultrasounds within the past two months and neither times could they tell the sex of the baby. It's legs were closed each time. Just my luck.

The baby is moving around so much these days. I am feeling good. It still does not feel like I am going to have a baby. Maybe once we get a nursery setup it will.

We've been trying to prepare Olivia telling her that we're having a baby but I'm not quite sure she understands. When we ask her if a new baby should live with us, she nods her head yes. She knows that I have a baby inside my stomach. I cannot believe she will be 2 yrs. old in June. It doesn't seem possible.

missdahling at 10:52 pm