Thursday, Apr. 10, 2008


I had a nice evening with Adam last Saturday night. My parents babysat Olivia while we went to the movies.

Before the movie we stopped by a friends house and smoked for the first time in ages. We obviously don't do that much anymore so it was nice and very relaxing.

Our friend told us that a group of bikers very much like the Hell's Angels had been in town and although I was very concerned, I found this to be very humorous in my cloudy state of mind.

"Did you say hi to them?" I asked.

"HEll no! They would eat people like you and me alive!"

After a ridiculous thirty minute conversation about the bikers we headed to the movies.

We saw '21' which was a good movie. It made me want to gamble. By the end of the movie my buzz had worn off and so had Adam's.

We went to dinner then at a delicious Mexican joint. I get the chimichangas whenever we eat there because they are the best. I always want to try something else but change my mind at the last minute. One of these days I'll do it.

My weekend was great so it just figures that this was one hell of a week. Adam got stuck in Jersey because of work every night except for Tuesday. So it was just Olivia and I. It isn't bad but it wears on me and we both miss him. I often wonder how single parents manage.

On Tuesday Olivia and I went to Adam's cousin Kristin's house so we could hang out and she could play with her cousin Ben. Kristin made lasagna and we had applesauce cake for dessert.

Oh yeah, we got invited to Ben's first birthday party. It is a Backyardigans party. I used to be excited to go to keg parties and frat parties and now I'm excited for a Backyardigans party. I never thought I'd see the day! haha.

missdahling at 9:29 pm