Sunday, Mar. 30, 2008

The New Coach

I am in love with my new Coach purse. It is an all leather one and also has pink on it. Adam and I went to the Leigh High Valley Mall on Friday night after he got home from work to get his mom a Coach purse for her birthday. We knew that she wanted one because at Christmas time she was absolutly envious of mine.

Her birthday is on April 1st, but we couldn't wait that long to give it to her. Her reaction was better than I thought it would be too. She got the purse halfway out of the wrapping and saw all the 'C's and gasped,"NoO!..." For a minute she just stared at it, then, I kid you not, I saw real tears in her eyes. She was that happy she cried. Adam and I were glad she liked it so much.

Friends of Adam and I's got married last week. They didn't have a huge ceremony, they just did something small probably at the JP with a few relatives but they had a reception on Saturday night which we were invited to.

I had nothing to wear even though I knew the reception was casual attire. After work I went to the mall and bought two new shirts. It was buy one get 50 percent off. I also bought a necklace to go with the shirt I wore last night. Both shirts are dressy so I can wear them to work too.

Before Adam and I were getting ready to drop Olivia off at his mom's house we got into a mini fight. Last week his mom offered to keep Olivia overnight for us so we could have an evening to ourselves and I said we appreciated the offer, but no.

At last minute Adam decides that he wanted her to sleep overnight. I was set against the idea because she would have to sleep in the pack n play (they don't have a crib) and would be up several times during the night. Thus, she would nap all day the next day. Thus, her schedule would be fucked up. She knows our routine and I don't like tampering with it. He argued that it would be nice to have a free evening with just the two of us.

In the end, Adam won and I am glad I let him talk me into it even though I did miss Olivia like crazy. The wedding reception was nothing fancy, but really nice. There were about 100 people there. We ate, drank, and caught up with friends who we don't get to see anymore.

We left the reception and got a jacuzzi room at a nearby hotel. Before Olivia was born, we used to rent the room quite frequently because we like jacuzzis and because we like hotels in general (nice hotels, anyway). It makes me feel like I'm on vacation when I stay in one.

There is a Mexican restaurant that we like to eat at that is attached to the hotel so we went in there for a drink. I needed a change from the beer I had been drinking, so I just had a strawberry daquari. Adam wanted to have a drink instead of a beer so he asked the bartender for some suggestions on what to have. She made him a drink called 'The Incredible Hawk'. It consisted of Hennessy and Cognac. He said it was waay too strong and only drank half of it.

Then, we went back to our room and relaxed. He went in the jacuzzi and I watched tv on the bed because I was too tired to move. I tried to stay awake longer but ended up falling asleep close to 1 am.

As much as I missed Olivia it was really nice to have some time to ourselves. It was nice to have a break from giving her a bath, struggling to put her diaper on (she is so active; it takes about ten minutes to change her), and getting her into bed. It was nice to sleep soundly and not subconsiously be listening for little cries or noises coming from her room. I could just relax!

After the cardgame, we picked Olivia up. She missed us and we really missed her, but I don't know who was more excited to see whom. She gave us a huge smile and crawled as fast we she could over to us. She was in a very good mood.

Adam's mom said she was a good girl. She went to bed around 11 pm which is later than normal. She got awake at 1 am, ate a little bit of a bottle, then went right back to sleep. She was then up for good around 7 am and that is earlier than she usually wakes up. She took a nap in the mid morning for about an hour; a little longer, then another forty minute nap in the afternoon. Not too bad I guess.

I put Olivia in bed about an hour ago. I am hoping she sleeps well tonight.

missdahling at 9:40 pm