Wednesday, Jun. 21, 2006


After work yesterday I went out for dinner and a drink with two of my most favorite ex-coworkers, Tracy and Janelle. It was the first I had seen either of them since I was laid off from the hell hole they like to call a company. I had never been to the restaurant we went to last night, but the food was excellent and the prices were even better. I really did have a great time as I sat in the bar / restaurant with both of them, eating my delicious meal and sharing some drinks and a few good laughs.

Besides catching up on new things in a persons' life who you haven't seen in awhile, one of the best parts about getting together with them is reminiscing about old times. I found myself getting very nostalgic and ALMOST missing the days when I would stumble into work in the middle of the afternoon instead of getting up when the sun hadn't yet rissen. Mostly though, I found myself missing my old coworkers. I hadn't then realized how great of friends they had become. Now I speak with them very rarely.

Once, when a coworker moved away, he told me,"Let's always be friends no matter what. Let's promise that we'll always keep in touch either by email or IM." I will remember that always because aside from some of the other things he told me that very night, it was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me. It reminded me of a line from a cute movie.

I told my ex-coworkers that he had said that to me and Trac said,"Oh yes. He thought you were hot." With that comment said, I couldn't help but think what might have been. I feel horrible for wondering about it, I really do. Is it awful for thinking that, or is it only human? I've been contemplating that one since last night.

I hope to get together with Tracy and Jannelle more often. Besides being good company, I don't hang out with anyone besides Adam anymore. On Saturday nights I play cards with a bunch of people who I consider friends, but they aren't the kind of friends who I can just call up to say hi to or gossip with. Liz and I used to call each other everyday but now don't for some reason. I can't even tell you when the last time I talked to her was. From what I hear she has a boyfriend now so I am happy for her and glad that she seems to be doing well. I miss hanging out with good friends. It's to the point where it's awkward to call my old ones but it is difficult to find new ones. I'm at a loss here.

Since I can no longer stay up late anymore, it's time for me to go to bed. The weekend is approaching quickly, but not quickly enough. I am so ready!

missdahling at 9:29 pm