Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2005

Nobody's Perfect

I feel beautiful when noone else is around, then, when I think I'm happy with myself I will turn on the television, or flip through a beauty magazine and compare myself to woman who truely are beautiful without even being fully aware that I'm doing it. And even the ones that aren't even that pretty or smart seem better than me. Suddenly, my self esteem plummets to the ground. I can literally feel it go from soaring above the tallest building, then take a nosedive and hit the ground with an explosion like a bomb going off. The magazine will then slam shut as I toss it carelessly, but making sure the cover is face down, trying to bury it under a pile of clothes. It will wait for me until the next time I get the slightest bit of confidence about my looks. Until then, it will remain closed and I will cringe every time I remember what the images in it look like.

The saying is supposed to go 'looks don't matter'. As a matter of fact, they do. Our society proves that true. Image and beauty is everything to everyone. Some might tell themselves, or try to convince themselves that they are satisfied with the way they look, but the truth is, everyone has at least one thing about them that they would change. A long time ago I was talking on the phone to a friend, complaining about how I'm not pretty (and trust me, I'm not); I commented,"I'm just a nobody I guesss." In response, my friend replied,"NOBODY's perfect."

I think about that when I'm feeling down and it makes me smile.

missdahling at 7:51 pm