Friday, Jan. 21, 2005

Should have stayed in Bed

Since Adam had off work yesterday, I opted not to go to Liz's and went home instead to spend some time with Adam. We rarely get to see one another before 3am on a weeknight. Right when my shift ended, we went to Beav's. I talked to my mom on the phone while Adam went inside to buy trees.

When we were home, we smoked and played Tiger '05. He beat me. No surprise there. Both of us were so hungry last night night, but neither one of us felt like going to get food so we complained about being starved until we fell asleep.

This morning I woke up at 8:31 am. I'm supposed to be to work at 8:30. I looked at the alarm and exclaimed,"Oh no!!!" The alarm went off but Adam must have turned it off in his sleep because I didn't hear it go off and he doesn't remember hitting the off button. I got myself ready in five minutes time and was out the door immediatly. As I got in my car, I cursed up a storm and didn't even let my engine warm up. I was too late.

Noone reprimanded when waltzing in this morning at 8:45, but I just hate being late for work. I like to get here and get myself situated and organized before I start taking phone calls (I'm a customer service representative for an internet service provider).

My boss called me into his office as soon as he got in the door to talk to me about two of our customers. Both were customers who did not pay their bill and had their service disconnected. They called to find out why they couldn't connect to our service and spoke with me. I told them that when they made a payment, we could reactivate their account. They wanted their account active right away and since I didn't activate it without payment, they wrote emails and complained about me.

So I had a 45 minute chat with my boss about customer service. He mentioned things about how I should end calls, being courteous to customers, etc. Basically, we went over things that I am already aware of and are practicing.

My boss is one of those arrogant people. The kind who is super nice to your face, but a real asshole behind your back.

I want to go home already. This weekend it's supposed to snow a lot. My area is supposed to get up to 6-12 inches. Adam and I are planning on renting some movies and staying in...snowy weather is nice when you're watching it from inside of a warm house.

6 more hours of work ... UGH....some days were made for staying in bed.

missdahling at 10:02 a.m.