Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005

One Week Late :-)

Kymmy had her baby tonight. It's about fucking time too. It seems like we've been waiting for Trey to be born for such a long time; alot longer than 9 months anyway. Technically, she's been in labor for awhile because the contractions started a few days ago. She wasn't admitted into the hospital until today though. And get this; she was only in labor for 30 minutes!

I'm so excited for her. Tomorrow night after work, Liz and I are going to visit them if things work out. I don't want to bother her or anything because I'm sure that dozens of people will be wanting to see the new baby. I'll have Liz call her first to make sure that she isn't too tired or busy or whatnot.

It's been awhile since someone close to me had a baby. I think the last woman who gave birth who I was really close with was when my mom was pregnant with my little sister, Madison. Now Madison is 7. She was unexpected and was born when I was 15 yrs. old. Talk about an age difference, huh?

Like most babies, Madison was adoreable! She had the bluest eyes....more blue than anyones 'eyes I had ever seen before. She was very dry when she came out of the womb. The doctor said that if my mom would have waited any longer to have her, Madison would have died. Oh yeah, and she was (still is, actually) a little terror! She never slept at night, would cry constantly, and always threw a fit. My mother said that her and I were a lot alike at that age. lol.

I had told Kymmy last week that I hoped the baby would be born on my birthday (Jan. 13). He's a week late!

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