Tuesday, Jan. 04, 2005

Love Me Back

Adam did a great job cheering me up yesterday when I was down in the dumps. He always knows the right things to say to calm me down. I realized something though. I realized that because I love him so much, that if I just think about the love we have for each other, then I know that everything will be alright.

He told me last night that I was his soul mate and he wanted to be with me forever. I don't want to live a day without him. I couldn't even imagine it. I don't know what I did without him all these years. He'd never let me down purposely. He tries so hard to please me. I depend on him because I know that I can.

It's funny....I started this diary in 2002 when Adam and I were just casually seeing each other. In all of my older entries I referred to Adam as 'him'. haha . I was so worried about him finding this diary and reading all my thoughts about him and how much I liked him, etc. Now look at us. We're in love and so happy. I knew all along that he was the one for me. It just took him a little longer to realize it.

Yes, there are times when I wish I were single again...times when I wish that I could go out and party like I used to and look for cute boys to hook up with. I liked doing that when I did it, but yet, I'd always complain and whine to my best friends about being alone.

Although I had fun hooking up with random guys, it's so much better having a boyfriend. I like having someone to call mine. I like having someone to care about and love. And it feels the best because I know he cares about me and loves me back.

missdahling at 6:37 p.m.