Sept. 24, 2004

What a Day

Whew !

This morning Adam called to wake me up at nine. He went into work at seven am to fill in for Cindy; then worked in Norry until seven or eight. Well, I didn't actually get out of bed until about 9:30. It takes me awhile to get ready, so I wasn't out the door until ten minutes of eleven.

I decided to go to the Columbia Mall to look for a dress for tomorrow (Gina's wedding) because I thought that mall carried Doc Martens for men. I went to Famous Footwear, but they didn't have any Doc's. I was going to buy Adam a pair as a surprise because 1.)he has been wanting a pair for awhile and 2.)he doesn't have any dress shoes to wear to the wedding.

So, whatever, they don't have the shoes. I found a dress at the Deb Shoppe. I paid for it, then went to find shoes for myself. Instead of spending a fortune on shoes that I will probably only wear a couple of times, I got black heels from PayLess.

Good. I'm done shopping, right? No...I get to my car and realize that my dress is not in the bag. I backtracked all my steps and even went back to the Deb Shoppe to look for it. Couldn't find it anywhere. Just my fucking luck.

On my way back from Bloom, I stopped at my bank to withdraw money to put in Gina and Lou's wedding card.

My problem was that I still didn't have a dress. I went to The Susquehanna mall. Same store; The Deb is where I bought my dress. It sucked that I had to go to two malls when I could have been finished shopping.

It was almost time for me to get to work by this point so instead of going to the liquor store to by vodka for Liz like she had asked me to do yesterday, I decided to go right to work so that I wouldn't be late. As I was driving up Fairmount Ave., my car was starting to slow down. Well, it didn't just slow down, it completely stopped.

I ran out of gas. Fuck.

Luckily, I saw a guy in his yard and he put some gas in my car to get me to work.

Adam picked up my car around three, so he put gas in it. But god, that has never happened to me before. And I do not want it to ever happen again. What would I have done if it had been in the middle of a busy intersection?? Geez....

what a day so far.

missdahling at 9:19 p.m.