Jul. 07, 2004


I�ve been thinking again about Adam�s birthday. So far, for gift ideas I came up with the following :

-a carton of Camel Lights

-Sopranos dvd�s


I was thinking that we could go on a little vacation somewhere. To the beach�that�s about all I can think of. He only has Wednesday off. I took off Wed., Thurs., and Fri�.I wish I had more money and I wish he had more time off. If we go anywhere, I plan on paying. It is his birthday and I want to make it a nice day for him.

I�ve also been thinking about what I want to write in his card �.

Here�s an example:

To Adam,

I�m glad I could share time with you on your birthday. I love you and couldn�t ask for anyone better. You�re truly the love of my life. Happy 23rd.



I dunno �.. Nothing seems good enough. He deserves the best.

missdahling at 9:09 p.m.