May. 26, 2004

Not Bad At All

Malone and Nicole are having people over again. Yippee, right? heh. I am once again, not in the mood to have a bunch of loud, underage people in my house tonight. Also, I hope those girls don't come over again. I hope everyone is gone by the time I get home. I am going to Liz's, then maybe I'll stop home for a brief time to shower, then out to get Adam's paycheck, and then to the bar.

Today I got my period. I think it started a little bit yesterday. What is weird is that I am not supposed to get it until Tuesday. This happened to me last month as well. It sucks because that means I'm going to have it for about 2 weeks instead of just one. Screw me. I'm sick of it. I hope nothing is wrong because this isn't normal.

I was blessed with good news today. Since the dress and necklace that I ordered on Friday did not come in yet, I called Banana Republic when I got to work this afternoon. After being transfered from one department to another, the finally figured out that my order had been cancelled because of an error. They are now giving me overnight shipping and a 10% discount! yay! So my order should arrive tomorrow, or Friday at the latest. I love discounts.

Last night I went to Danley's for about an hour. It was an early night. I was so tired too ... I fell asleep during the Family Guy.

I was feeling refreshed this morning though, so the day is not all bad.

missdahling at 9:19 p.m.