Jan. 06, 2004

One Week From Today

I'm at work. I actually had a three day weekend because I didn't go to work yesterday. I woke up and felt like shit. I couldn't tell if I was actually sick, or hungover from Sunday night.

Adam, Malone and I drank at the Eagles on Sunday night after Adam got off work. It was cool, I'm actually starting to get along with Malone now which is really surprising. We took some shots, drank some beer, they played pool; we listened to music on the jukebox and shot the shit.

We all left the Eagle's around quarter after four. I wanted to drive back to Adam's but he wouldn't let me. I enjoy driving when I am drunk. We got back to his house and went upstairs. As soon as we got in the room, he took off my clothes, got on top of me and said that he was really horny. I guess I was being too loud while we were having sex. I was drunk, not my fault.

It was really nice afterward because we got to talk a little bit.

We decided that we will exchange x-mas gifts this Thursday. Seems kind of funny to think of them as x-mas gifts when the holiday was 12 days ago. Oh well.

The big 21 is exactly one from today. Plans are still up in the air. I would really like to go away, but my budget is so limited. I want this birthday to be special.

missdahling at 6:48 p.m.