Jan. 22, 2004

You're So Vain

After work last night, Adam and I went to the Ends to have a drink. We only stayed for about 45 minutes. Then we made our way to Danley's for a drink.

Adam drug me over to AJ's because I had never been there before. I guess it used to be cool, but it was dead last night. I felt like I was on display....as soon as I walked in, Adam goes,"All the guys are talking about you...saying that you're hot!" The one guy looked really familiar. At first I couldn't place where I knew him from, then I realized that it was one of the guys that was standing outside of my car at Staff's. I think the guy who got in my car was there too. I ignored them.

I said goodbye to Edna, this dirty girl who I went to high school with. Ick.

We were supposed to be at Laughter's for one beer. I had one, I don't know how many Adam had. We got in a fight about the song 'You're So Vain' by Carly Simon. He stormed out the door, then called my phone five minutes later and said he was going to Danley's to get my car (we took Sam's car to Laughter's). Everything was fine for awhile, then we went to the Rescue's.

Here is where all hell broke loose. We were havng fun at first. His dad was there and he was extremely drunk. We stayed there for about an hour and a half waiting until he was ready to leave because he was in no shape to drive home. I was really ready to go, but I stuck it out.

I'm not even sure why Adam was pissed off. I guess it was because I wouldn't come over or something. He barely said goodbye as he was getting out of his car, he called a couple times to say 'Fuck You'....I tld him that he was being ridiculous and then hung up. He called back and told me not to call him today, but I did anyway.

We're hanging out later.

I hate when he lashes out like that. I cried a little bit tonight at work before I talked to him. He gets really pissed off at me, and I just get very, very sad at him. None the less, I love him just the same. Love is a funny, funny feeling at times.

missdahling at 9:22 p.m.