Nov. 16, 2003

Bench Pressing in Leather Pants

Friday night I met Justin and Liz at Applebee's. They ate but I got there late and really didn't have time to order anything. We then went back to Liz's and visited for about 20 minutes.

I left there and went to Ana's. We played with Jeremy's sister Kayla for awhile. She is such a cute kid. We colored together while she read Ana and I ridiculous riddles. It was fun. When she went to bed Ana and I packed a couple bowls and watched '2 Fast 2 Furious'. It was a good movie. I never even saw the first one though.

Adam and I met up late which was around 2:30 (?). I'm not really sure of the exact time. I met him at Ripple's house. Let me tell you, some of the people there were very strange. First, there was this guy who works at Quality Inn. He said that he remembered me. I'm like,"uuuh....yeaah..."

This guy was soooo hyper and also soooo annoying. Whenever it was his turn to hit the bowl, he would sit there holding it for 20 minutes because he was talking. Finally, I said,"This is the rule when smoking my smoke it; then pass it...right away. Smoke, then pass."

God he was annoying.

So we have the guy with ADD, then we have Ripple. Oh Lord...he was hitting on my the whole time and really creeping me out. He kept talking about how he wanted to get leather pants. Then he would feel my pants and ask what material they were made out of. He bench pressed double his weight. I thought he was going to die.

The rest of the people there were okay. It was J.J. and Amanda, and Adam of course.

Ripple said something about fucking someone outside of his car and of course Adam had to tell them about the time we had sex on the hood of my car. It was pretty funny actually. I think my hood still has a dent in it. haha.

Adam said,"I wanna say something perverted to my girlfriend, but I don't wanna say it in front of everyone."

He was motioning towards my chest and winking, so it was obviously something about my boobs. Adam is so cute.

I dont know what time we left there, but we got back to his house around 4:30. For the first time in two nights, I got to lay down with him. We had good, quiet sex in the wee hours of the morning. I got home at 6am and slept until 2:30 on Saturday afternoon.

I got up and started my day. I actually did some laundry and cleaned the bathroom.

Liz, Justin and I went out for Chinese food and picked up a case of beer. Noone felt like drinking though. So that was a waste of my money.

Adam got off work and I smoked a bowl before I went to pick him up. I was incredibly tired but didn't get to bed until a little after 8am.

We smoked at Ben's house and slept there since he has the house to himself all week. Yes, we had sex in Ben's parent's bed. We had sex and then pretty much passed out. We woke up around 12 and headed home.

This afternoon all I did was relax. I watched tv and took a nap. Not very exciting. I'm surprised I'm not more tired. I wish the weekend weren't over.

missdahling at 6:29 p.m.