Nov. 17, 2003

Bills, Bills, Bills

After Adam got off work last night we went on a B.R. It pisses me off because my damn CD player doens't work correctly. I want a new one, but don't have the money to get one. Especially not now...with the bills I have to pay and Christmas is coming up too.

These are the things I have to spend my money on.

1. $150.00 for my new tires

2. $300.00 for my car payment

3. $xxx.xx for Christmas presents

4. $xxxxx.xx for the apartment

5. $180.00 Bon Ton charge card

It seems like I can never get ahead. Everytime I get my bills paid off something else happens and then I am in the hole again. I think I need another job. I want to pick up a few more hours on the weekends. That way I'll still have free time, but I'll have extra money to save and also money to support my habits ;-).

My next paycheck will be roughly $500.00. Dad said that I can pay him back for the tires when I have the money. My Bon Ton card doesn't all need to be paid right away. Ten dollers is the minimum. So, the expenses will be as follows IF I pay off everything.

-$150.00 for tires

-$170.00 Bon Ton charge

-$50.00 for gas

-$50.00 that I owe mom

That leaves me with about $80.00 to spend.

Here's what I will pay if I only make partial payments

-$75.00 for tires

-$25.00 Bon Ton charge

-$50.00 for gas

-$50.00 that I owe mom

$300.00 left.....

This sucks...I need to buy a new bed too!!! I have been sleeping on the fucking floor for the past 2 months. It sucks. I have financial problems.

missdahling at 7:51 p.m.