Oct. 23, 2003


I know that I already wrote today, but I am bored. Thus, a survey. :-)

LAST CAR RIDE: On my dinner break, I took a ride to A-Plus. I was in much need of gas; and more importantly, cigarrettes

LAST GOOD CRY: About 2 weeks ago...or whenever that whole thing with Ryan almost ruining my relationship went down and Adam and I ended up fighting

LAST LIBRARY BOOK CHECKED OUT: God, I don't even know. However, I did borrow a book that Megan checked out. It was entitled 'Cradle and All'. excellent too.

LAST MOVIE SEEN: 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' on Sunday with Liz

LAST BOOK READ: 'Cradle and All'

LAST CUSS UTTURED: Not sure of what was exactly said..but cussing at work is daily for me....so sometime w/in the last 5 hrs.


LAST FOOD CONSUMED: a bacon mushroom cheeseburger ordered from the Peppermint.

LAST PHONE CALL: Adam asking if he could bum cigarettes before his interview

LAST TV SHOW WATCHED:Growing Pains before work

LAST TIME SHOWERED: this morning around noon when I woke up

LAST SHOES WORN: Skechers...backless sneakers that are white and purple

LAST CD PLAYED: Weezer; before my car went in the shop

LAST ITEM BOUGHT: cigarettes

LAST DOWNLOADED: Glory Days by the Boss and Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

LAST ANNOYANCE: a customer who called my work named John Kavanaugh!!!!

LAST DISAPPOINTMENT: not being able to hang out with Adam on Tuesday night..or was that Monday night? I don't remember


LAST SLEEP: last night from 2am-12pm

LAST WORDS SPOKEN: hm....? ? ?

LAST IM: Eric who I met at school last year


LAST ICE CREAM EATEN: Turkey Hill's chocolate peanut butter

LAST TIME AMUSED: last night watching Julie's dog run around when I was high

LAST TIME WANTED TO DIE: the fight with Adam.

LAST TIME IN LOVE: momentarily....

LAST TIME HUGGED: last night


LAST TIME DANCING: with my sister and her friends at The Vault!! FUUUUNNN

LAST SHOW ATTENDED: show?? what the hell?

LAST WEBSITE VISITED: www.diaryland.com...what kind of question was that!?

1 MINUTE AGO: sitting at work, filling out this survey like I am doing right now


1 DAY AGO: work, smoked, Julie's house--->Adam's ------->home

1 WEEK AGO: I had my nice Honda Civic to drive! :-(

1 YEAR AGO: Liz and Ana left Dan and I in BLoom without a ride home

LAST TIME HURT: something Adam said to me...insignificant, but still a little hurtful

I LOVE: summer

I HATE: snow

I FEAR: being rejected

I HOPE: I get to spend the rest of my life with Adam

I FEEL: like getting off work immediately

I HIDE: my feelings

I DRIVE: fast, but cautiously

I MISS: the summer

I LEARNED: 2 wrongs don't make a right

I NEED: a cigarette among other things

I THINK: I am finished filling out this survey

missdahling at 7:47 p.m.