Jul. 24, 2003

Gay Guys Smoke Too

I was told the best news last night. He isn't moving to Cali until the middle-end of October!!! That means we have about 2 and 1/2 more months to spend together. I was absolutely ecstatic when he told me that!!!

We met in the parking lot of the bar by his house last night, then went to his friend's house and picked up a dime bag. This friend of his was a little older, 32 yrs. old. and gay. But, he seemed very nice; and he had 2 adorable cats. Most of Adam's friends are cool, but a few are shady.

By the time we left that guy's house, went back to Adam's and smoked, it was 20 'till 5am. We layed in bed talking for awhile. Talked about what we did during the day (I did nothing exciting; just worked), about our friends, stuff like that. I sometimes like talking about things like that because it somehow makes the relationship so real...like, he actually cares about the details. It's just nice to hear him say to me,"So, tell me all about your day."

It was also nice to hear that he had missed me. And of course, the sex was nice too (both times):-).

So this morning I left and went to school. School is over in 2 and 1/2 weeks. then I have about 3 weeks off, then go back.

Liz and I did lunch before starting to plan our trip to NYC. We found some nice hotels to stay in. We just have to talk to Ana and Heather and get their input.

Other exciting news: I rented Sex & the City. I finally found a season that I have not already seen. I need to get the box sets so that I can watch them whenever I want.

I'm in a good mood today. I wish I could be like this all of the time. Well, I better get back to work. Adios!

missdahling at 5:55 p.m.