Sept. 03, 2003

Summers Over

I started school today. yippee. Summer is officially over. The weather is even getting cooler. This sucks. Summer went by way too quickly like it always does.

This summer has been great...from the beginning to the end. Every minute that I spend with Adam was lots of fun. I liked when he lived at the law office, even though his bedroom had no door. The best time was on a Sunday night when I went over and we watched 'Pretty Woman', drank 40's, and smoked. It's weird how I can do absolutly nothing with him and still have fun.

Our relationship has gotten so much better since that night in the hotel when we decided to be exclusive. and it's gotten even BETTER since he's moved back home. We hang out at normal times of the day, talk on the phone more frequently, and we actually go out and do things. I wish it could stay this way forever.

I got to see my relatives who live near Philly one time this past summer. Even though we had to go to a family reunion, I still had fun. I liked visiting with everyone and going shopping.

Going out to eat with my friends always ends up being fun, and believe me, we do like food. We went to Chi-Chi's for Liz's birthday. It was a really awesome day. We ended up 'sipping (more like taking shots) Bacardi (0) like it was her birfday'. hehe

The drive-in was cool. It was great going with Liz, and Meg and her friends. There was a whole group of us. We saw Hollywood Homicide and Charlies Angels 2. Also, we smoked some weed. I remember that it was a really nice night outside. Stars were out and it was pretty warm. I don't know how to explain was one of those perfect summer nights. With friends hanging out, having a blast.

I went to 2 different clubs this summer. Earlier this past summer I went to the Woodlands with Liz, Heather, and Jenn. We didn't get home 'till 4 know we must have had a good time.

The other club I went to with Megan, Julia, Lane and Hil. WET T-SHIRT CONTEST!!! Need I say more?? :-)

NY never happened, but I did manage to spend $200 at King of Prussia.

Even though I didn't go to any exotic places to vacation, didn't even leave the state, and it doesn't even seem like I did a whole lot, it was still so awesome.So, here's to late nights, drinking and smoking, dancing, laughing with friends, here's to summer!

Why does summer have to end?

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Best Summer Song of '03

'Swing Swing' - All American Rejects

missdahling at 8:41 p.m.