Aug. 30, 2003

Isn't He Lucky

The bar was cool last night even though I didn't really get drunk. Since Adam and his dad requested that I wear something more conservative, I wore jeans and a v-neck tank top. Adam said that it was perfect.

Everyone kept telling Adam that he was a really lucky guy to be with me. He would smile and say,"First of all, I know this, second of all, everyone keeps telling me that." haha

I really like it when Adam calls me his girlfriend. This is the best that things have ever been between us.

I got us a dime bag from some guy who was talking to us. When I told Adam, he was like,"that guy was all over you, let me go get it."

We stayed at the bar unitl closing time and after that went on a burn run.

The sex was great last night. Yes, I was quiet. He hands me a pillow and told me that if I wanted to scream, to scream into the pillow.

He really wanted to have anal sex last night. Because he wanted it, I did it. It wasn't that bad...actually kind of enjoyable.

At work yesterday, Gina asked if Adma and I told one another that we love each other. I would say it, but I don't want to say it first. I definitely feel that way about him though. I wish he would tell me that he loves me.

missdahling at 2:19 p.m.