Jul. 21, 2003


Isn't funny how when you hear certain songs, it takes you back to a whole other place and time? Whenever I hear a song on the radio, I can almost always relate it to a certain memory from my past. Most songs that really stick out in my mind are ones from previous summers. Some of the memories are good, some of them are bad.

The Beatles' 'Magical Mystery Tour' album now reminds me of the summer when I was going into 8th grade. My best friend (Mel) at the time got me really interested in the Beatles. Esp. that album. We would listen to it at least 10 times everyday. We used to camp out in her back yard and listen to Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, and our personal favorite, Hello Goodbye. Mel and I spent so much time together that summer. We had sleepovers every night. Now that we're in college, we barely talk.

I started my first semester of college hating rap music. A boy that I met, his name was Matt, said to me,"By the end of the summer, you'll love rap." ..and he was absolutely right. I cant live without it. Whenever I hear "Perfect Gentleman" by Wyclef it reminds me of when my friends and I would go to AXP and party. They would always play it, and we would always dance. Esp. Taryn, Jac and I. There were so many good songs from that summer, but 'Perfect Gentleman and 'What Would You Do' by City High are ones that I really remember. You could count on hearing them at any party.

Last summer I started listening to DMB. He had every Dave song downloaded on his computer. We would lay there listening to Dave's awsome voice as we fell asleep. I can remember staying over at both of his old places. We'd drink and smoke, then put on good old Dave. That music set the mood for many, many great nights.

Summer songs from last year include 'AwNaw' by Nappy Roots, 'Rainy Days' by Mary J. Blige and Ja Rule. I'd hear AwNaw every day while my friends and I stayed at the beach. When Matt and I took Dan's firebird and were driving drunk, I heard it when we stopped in 7-11 to buy cigarettes. And I think it was still on the radio when we almost hit an old man. That was a really fun trip. I remember not wanting to go back home. The only reason why I was excited about going home was to see Adam.

Those are some of the songs that I can relate different memories to. There are so many more...Why am I always so nostalgic?

missdahling at 5:13 p.m.