May. 31, 2003

We 're Missing 88

Ok, I guess it isn't over. He called me last night around 10:30 (when I got home from work). He started his new job this past week at Harry's (the bar). I'm not really sure what he does there, but he works 8-4. I guess I forgive him for not calling for a week. That is better than the time span for which he usually calls.

While I was trying to find his new house, I accidentally went down a one-way street. Isn't it my luck that a cop saw me! I got a ticket for $104.00. whatever. I'll just pay it and hope I don't get more points on my license.

His new place is alright, but I miss 88! I know that I was making fun of them for their tributes to 88, but I actually miss the place. Adam goes,"ya miss Hoggle, dont ya" yeah, very funny. Maybe I'm just not used to the new house yet. But I liked how 88 was newer, I dunno, the atmosphere was cool there. It's going to take me awhile to get used to this place.

We smoked pot practically all night. I don't know how many bowls we smoked. The funniest thing was when him, his friend and I were smoking on his back porch. The Naps delivery guy showed up right as he was lighting the bowl. He said,"Oh, his is a tobacco pipe." The delivery guy was like,"ah, no, it's cool...I'd take a wack of that.." So, of course, we gave him a hit. haha..He said,"If I ever order Naps, we're gonna get fucked up!" LOL Me, and his friend were losing it. It was too funny.

Last night I wore a mini jean skirt(not the Abercrombie one, the one I had bought last year), my new sandals, and a peasant type top [candies] I had gotten last year at Gadzooks; bra and thong [Calvin Klein].

After the whole Naps thing, his friend went inside and we were chillin' on the porch with me on his lap. He complimented me on my outfit, told me I looked hot..made me feel really desireable. He loved the fact that my bra hooked from the front instead of the back. He thought it would be cool if I were to take it off, so I did, stuffing it in my purse. I went braless for the rest of the night. Let me tell you, my nipples still hurt today from him biting them and twisting them.

We made out on the porch for awhile, and then we went inside when, as he put it, 'he got rid of his boner.'

He gave me a tour of the house, which did not benefit me one bit because I got really lost in the house later on last night.

We eventually made our way up to his roommate Dan's room where we had sex. It was such a tease...we would have sex for a little bit, then stop, smoke a bowl, or whatever.

Both of us were naked when we smoked that time, with me straddling him. He said that he liked smoking pot that way.

He told me that he loved having sex with me. I obviously feel the same way. He also told me that he really liked me. It made me feel so good. I was like,"I hope I can believe you." I am still a little skeptical only because I know what has happened in the past between us.

After we had sex once, we waited maybe 20 mins. and had sex again. Both with lots of foreplay before and a little bit of oral in between sex. He asked me what I thought of going down on him after we had sex. I guess since he had been inside of me, I might have thought it was weird. I didn't really think anything of it. He would finger me and then put his fingers in my mouth; I would finger myself and put my own fingers in my mouth; so it's basically the same thing in my book.

However, he did cum all over Dan's bed. He tried to clean it up with a towel or something, but the sheets were still soaked in cum. We decided not to use a condom last night. he asked whether or not he should take it off and we both agreed not to use it. Thank goodness for my birth control pills. Now I won't be paranoid.

We migrated downstairs to his bedroom where we started to have sex again. I can be very loud during sex. I was moaning and lightly screaming so loud that he was quietly saying,"Shhh". His room is in a location where people could easily hear things like that. I couldn't help it. It felt really good.

He told me he liked my shaved pussy. I think his exact words were,"I like this...that's real nice,". Since it was bare, it gave him all the more incentive to touch it, finger it, bite it, eat it, you get the picture.

Unfortunatly, and I dont know why, but he got soft and didn't finish. Neither of us cared much. I mean, what can ya do after we had already sex twice. Both of us were very satisfied. After we caught our breath, he said,"That was pretty good." In which I responded by smiling and saying,"yeah, I thought so."

We talked about watching porn last night, but never ended up doing it. That would actually be something I'd like doing, so maybe next time.

We were both in agreement that we had fun last week at the hotel and we said that we'd do it again soon. I liked being in the hotel because it almost felt like we were on vacation together.

As always, I enjoyed hanging out with him. All night long he was complimenting me and saying nice things like, he loved having sex with me, he liked me outfit, I looked really hot, I was extremely beautiful, etc... I told him I hoped I could spend more time with him. I want him to feel the same way.

missdahling at 8:24 a.m.