Mar. 22, 2003

A Little Tiff

I have an issue pertaining to 'him' that is kind of upsetting me. We got in a fight on Thurs. night/early Fri. morning...around 3am.

'K' im'ed me and was asking me to hang out. He was going to drive to my house to come see me! Even though I found this to be very flattering, I objected, telling him it wasn't safe for him to be on the roads (he had been drinking), he wouldnt be able to find my house, etc.

A couple minutes later 'he' im'ed me. Well, I made the mistake telling him that I was talking to 'K'.

I signed off the internet and called 'him'.

I'm not sure when the conversation turned sour. Probably when I asked him why he only wanted to hang out with me sometimes.

Well, he reiterated the question right back to me. I understand that I put as much effort into the relationship as he does. However, I do so b/c whenever I want to hang out, he doesn't seem the least bit interested.

When I tried to explain that, he did not understand at all. He said that I was accusing him and blaming him.

I started crying as he hurt my feelings and told me straight out,"I'm being a prick to you."

I kept apologizing, but he didn't want to hear it.

I told him,"I really like you and I'd like to hang out with you more."

he said,"I feel the exact same way about you."

But did he really mean that? Sometimes I feel like he is really using me. other people also think that he is using me. I hate looking like a fool.

We ended the conversation without resolving a thing.

I hung the phone up with tears still in my eyes. I could not go back to sleep. I am still thinking about that conversation.

I'm thinking that I should have let 'K' come over...

missdahling at 2:51 p.m.