Mar. 25, 2003


I am extremely pleased with 'him'. On Sunday night he borrowed Matt's car and came to my house around 1:30 am. It was so nice, just being there with him. We watched a movie and hung out.

The movie was over around 3/3:30 maybe. Towards the end of it we started making out. Things were getting really hot, but for some reason, I just got freaked out. I could not have sex in my house, I was afraid my parents would come to the livingroom or something. I felt bad about it, but whatever.

So, he left around 4am, then I went to bed.

While I was hanging out with him that night, I neglected to study for my psych test. I get that back tomorrow. We will see how poorly I did.


Not only did I hang out with 'him' on Sunday night, I went to his house last night too.

I didn't smoke nearly as much as I did the previous time I was there. Last night I only smoked like, 2 bowls, with him taking maybe 2 hits from each.

Hm..we basically just hung out, watched tv, and started a movie...we didn't finish watching it though.

We started having sex when someone knocked on the door. He told the person he was sleeping and they left.

At what point this happened, I am not sure, but he could not stay hard. I hope it wasn't anything to do with me. That would be kind of upsetting.

He told me to keep going, so I did. He even took off the condom, thinking that he'd be able to stay hard without it. That was the first time we've ever had sex without a condom. I def. need birth control. I wonder if he'll ever want to have sex without a condom in the future.

After awhile I gve him head and he finished in my mouth.

That was my night.

This morning, I gave him a ride to campus, he got out of the car and told me he'd talk to me on IM. I probably won't get to hang out with him until next week. On Thurs. he leaves for Wisconsin. There, he will be spending the weekend, I think. I wish I could go too.

missdahling at 5:29 p.m.