Mar. 07, 2003


I had an interesting conversation on instant messenger last night. First, I was talking to 'him'. I miss him so much :-(. He is supposed to call me tonight, and we tentatively have plans to hang out on Sat. night. We'll see if he follows through. Im not counting on anything.

Then, I got a msg from a name that I did not recognize. It was K. He kept telling me to come over to his house. A definite booty call (it was 4am).

The thing is, I dont know if it was actually K. I kept thinking that it was 'him' playing a trick on me; trying to get information out of me. I dunno, K swears that it was really him....

K wants to hang out tomorrow night (Fri. night). He works until 12:30 he said.

'He' wants to hang out on Sat. night...

Personally, I'd like to hang out w/ both of them, but how would that make me look? slutty maybe? Not like it really matters. Everyone knows whats going/went on between 'him' and I as well as K and I.

Watch neither of them call me... I'd be pissed. I hope that I hear from one of them at least.

But what if they both call like theyre supposed to...what to do. what to do...

missdahling at 12:33 a.m.